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I’m into crime fiction and at times stories about spies and assassins intrigue me, too. That’s why when my daughter recommended Spy x Family (don’t mind the x in the middle) on Netflix, I watched it with her and I got hooked. This series is based on an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo.

The story begins with Loid Forger, a.k.a. Twilight, a spy pretending to be a psychiatrist. His current mission requires him to have a child enroll in an exclusive school where the son of his main target (Damian) is schooling. So he adopts Anya, a child who, unknown to him and to all, has telepathy.

And since Eden School (which brings to mind UK’s Eton College) is so exclusive and requires parent interviews, Loid has to get a wife so he could have a “perfect” family.

He meets Yor, a civil service employee, at a dress shop and after a few “discussions”, Yor agrees to be Loid’s wife and mother to Anya. Unknown to Loid, Yor is an assassin.

So we have three “family” members that do not know each other’s true identities. And here’s a spoiler alert: in episode 11, there is a hint of a dog coming into the family which has the power to see the future. But this dog will still appear next season which is something I’ll look forward to.

To complicate the plot, Yor’s brother, Yuri, pretends to be a government employee in the foreign service but is actually a counter-spy. He is on a mission to hunt down Twilight.

All 12 episodes dropped every Saturday at 11pm which, I understand, is Netflix’s way of maintaining its subscribers. But I prefer binge-watching 12 episodes in one or two nights.

I can relate to the three main characters whose characterizations were fleshed out and moved the plot forward. Each episode has its funny, serious, and sweet moments. And Anya has become a favorite among cosplayers and memes these days.

The series touches on the theme of deception and being true to oneself. Plus, there is pressure on a young kid to be top of the class. But being telepathic could be both an advantage and a disadvantage for Anya. Yet, I like how Anya’s telepathy and cuteness are used for the audience to relate with.

I’m rating this 5 out of 5 stars for making it a spy thriller without being too dark and gloomy.

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