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Just a few days before February, I got a notification from Netflix about a new series called Next In Fashion. When I saw Tan France in the trailer, I immediately played the video and started binge-watching. 

It can be compared to Project Runway, as this is a reality TV competition among fashion designers. But here are where their differences lie:

The Contestants

All 18 contestants are practicing fashion designers but are not yet household names. A few of them graduated from top fashion schools, while others had the chance to dress a celebrity or two. They would like to be the, as the title says, Next In Fashion.

While competing designers of Project Runway are based in the U.S., the contestants in this series are from around the world. However, it was not mentioned how they got selected.

Pairs of Twos

While Project Runway may require individual or team effort in a challenge, Next in Fashion divided the contestants into nine pairs to compete each round. The pairing stays the same up until the last three pairs remain. From then on, they compete individually up to the finals.

Everything Happens in One Big Place

Unlike in Project Runway where contestants are filmed in separate places [like the runway, the workroom, Mood store, and their house where they temporarily stay for the whole season], Next In Fashion happens in a big warehouse-type of space that serves as their workroom on the first day, and a workroom, a runway, hair and makeup stations all in one the next day. 

No Mood

Contestants on Project Runway go to Mood store to buy their materials. In Next In Fashion, all materials are there in a “closet” so there’s no fear of losing a fabric just because you left it at the store. This is what I like in this series, everything is provided for.

Less Drama

Since the contestants are grouped in pairs and the pairing remains until 3 pairs are left; and since everything was shot in one place, there’s no room for drama. Yes, the contestants were interviewed but you don’t see any bickering or fighting unlike in Project Runway.

Look, There’s an Audience

Unlike in Project Runway where the fashion show is only seen by the contestants and judges, Next In Fashion is seen by a live audience. This makes it more exciting and glamorous because of the production of such a fashion show.

The Judges

Hosts Tan France and Alexa Chung are fashion designers themselves. So they got to host, interact with the contestants in the workroom, and judge at the same time. And in every episode, there’s a well-known fashion designer plus a celebrity stylist to judge the challenge at hand. The likes of Monique Lhuillier and Tommy Hilfiger graced the show in their respective categories (red carpet and denim).

Intro and Extro

I also love Tan and Alexa’s intro and extro on each episode because it’s fun and it gives the series its own uniqueness.  

Season 1 has 10 episodes and I hope for more seasons to come. Not because I’m a sucker for reality TV shows, but because I would like to see more creative fashion designers drawing their ideas and making it come to life in fabric. Because of these reasons, I’m going to give Next In Fashion 4 out of 5 stars.

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