The Heart of an Assassin

The Heart of an Assassin book cover and rating

I downloaded the Kindle version of The Heart of an Assassin by Tony Bertot (2009). I started reading it over the weekend and as usual, I kept on pausing because of other duties until I was able to finish reading last Friday night.

It follows the story of a professional assassin named Nick Costello who was given an assignment to kill a mafia boss. He met a young boy named Tyler Santiago and this boy’s mother.

After Tyler’s mother was shot by some gang members associated with a mafia family, the two men didn’t meet again until twenty years later — Nick still an assassin and Tyler now a cop.

A professional assassin, a mafia family, the FBI and the NYPD… mix them up in intelligence and counter-intelligence, you get a page-turner of a novel.

However, I find the revelation/cliff-hanger, which forebodes the second book, a mixture of surprise and a teeny-weeny of disappointment.

So I’m looking forward to read The Birth of an Assassin and The Legacy of the Assassin. Overall, I’ll rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. Download this book now and forget the one you’re reading!

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