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DMQZ by Quinn Flemming (2013, Amazon Kindle) depicts a futuristic, post-apocalyptic New York as it centers on Jacob Hale, a Class 6 police officer about to be promoted as commander.

It all started when a virus that originated from a dormouse spread and killed millions of people instantly and left some “resisters”. Resisters are those who were not infected by the virus and survived. This situation divided New York into Safe Zone and the Quarantine Zone. The area in the East River is called DMQZ, an uninhabited area that separates the infected and the “resisters”.

Jacob Hale was about to be promoted to commander. However, after a failed operation involving a bank robbery, he was suspended for sixty days and suspicion of his supposed involvement surfaced.

While dining in a local cafeteria, Hale saw something familiar. It was a pair of hands which reminded him of one of the bank robbers: a female. He followed her and his quest to clear his name began. Using his ID, his connections, and his skills, he tried to look into the connection between the bank robbery and the woman, until he’s trap in a web of conspiracy, terrorism, and revolt.

For me, it’s an interesting read, a roller coaster ride, with an unexpected ending. That’s why I gave this e-book, 4 out of 5 stars.

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