A Mind to Murder

I bought myself a smartphone for four reasons: (1) had to say goodbye to the old keypad-type cellphone; (2) to receive and reply to text messages or phone calls, (3) to read e-books, and (4) to play games.

I immediately downloaded the Kindle app and one of the e-books I have is A Mind to Murder by P.D. James (1963).

The story opens in a psychiatric clinic on a Friday night. It was a typical last working day when a scream disturbed them all. A staff found their Administrative Officer dead inside the medical records room located at the basement, clinging to an artwork done by one of their psychotic patients, and with a chisel piercing her heart.

A published poet and successful investigator, Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh was called in to investigate. The detective discovered that there were different motives to murder Miss Bolam and almost all doctors and employees in that clinic were suspected.

It was an entertaining read as each character showed their true nature and feelings toward the victim. Although there were obvious clues that were shrouded by other factors, these factors were successful enough to distract the detective but not me. In short, my guess was right. That’s the reason why I’m giving this 3 out of 5 stars.

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