Comrades: Almost A Love Story

Comrades: Almost A Love Story poster and rating

Comrades: Almost A Love Story (1996, Hong Kong)

I fell in love with this film when I first saw it back in 2001. And it’s good to see it again after so many years. This Peter Chan film stars Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai.

Leon Lai plays Li Xiao Jun, a naive immigrant from mainland China who desires to make it big in Hong Kong so he could bring his fiance there. Maggie Cheung plays Li Quiao, an enterprising immigrant who takes advantage of helping people from mainland China.

Since both of them are immigrants, relate themselves as comrades, lonely in the city, both fell for each other despite their differences. However, circumstances get in the way that they separated. Their love story spans more than a decade and the end scene sums it in one word: Destiny.

The film has many sexual tensions and nuances befitting a romantic film genre. The songs of the late Teresa Teng also provided a good musical background. Voted as one of the best Chinese films of all time and I agree. This movie should be in your film collection. And I’m giving this 5 out of 5 stars.

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