Take Me

Take Me

Take Me is a 2017 crime comedy by Pat Healy who also stars as Ray Moody opposite Taylor Schilling.

The film begins with Ray Moody (Healy) applying for a bank loan for his business, Kidnap Solutions, LLC. Come on, what bank would provide financial help to a business that specializes in abductions?

Ray’s business is an 8-hour abduction that provides alternative therapy for his clients. People call him to kidnap them mainly to traumatize them or scare them out of their addiction, weight gain, or whatever personal problem it might be. Ray even has a website for that and his bulletin board shows photographs of his previous clients. That puts the viewer in suspension of disbelief. There is such a business in that Los Angeles world.

When business consultant Anna St. Blair (Schilling) contracts him for a weekend kidnapping for $5000, Ray jumps at the opportunity because he needs money. She claims she has a fantasy that she wants to disappear and even requests to be slapped. Ray says that he doesn’t hurt his clients but agrees to make an exception.

At first, the surveillance and the kidnapping went well. But later on, the kidnapping starts to get wrong. For one, Anna stabs him on the back. Then, police knocks at his door and starts to suspect that he’s involved with the disappearance of Anna St. Blair who failed to appear in a public conference.

For Ray, it is his job to provide a realistic kidnapping experience. But he struggles in keeping himself in control of the whole situation. A struggle of power comes into play. Who has the upper hand now, the captor or the captive?

Ray keeps on saying that he’s helping people, but Anna insists that kidnapping is a crime. And the viewer starts to wonder if Ray kidnapped the right person or not.

Most of the 1 hour 24 minutes running time of the film focuses on Ray and Anna. Others might find the long exchange of dialogue between two people boring. But it has action and suspense fit for a crime comedy. Watch this on Netflix and see for yourself. It’s funny but not hilarious. Odd but not bizarre. For me it’s 3 out of 5 stars.

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