I Trusted Him (The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd)

I Trusted Him (The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd)

I Trusted Him (The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd) is a two-part e-book written by Anna’s mother, Jennifer Smith, and advocate Cherry Tigris.

The first part tells about Anna’s story — a 16-year old girl living with her father and in a relationship with Mark (not his real name). It focused mostly on how her relationship with Mark — an over-jealous, domineering boyfriend — made her decide to return to her mother to Texas and met her untimely death.

I really could relate with the story because I’ve seen women undergo the same situation and some of them couldn’t do anything about it. At first, these women trusted their boyfriends, husbands, or partners with all their life because they felt secured or loved only to find out that they’re trap in a situation they couldn’t get out.

The second part is more about domestic violence a.k.a. intimate partner violence (IPV) and how it could be prevented as both authors are now spreading the awareness about it using this e-book as a tool.

The boyfriend is now behind bars, serving nearly 22 years sentence, after pleading guilty of the murder.

I’m going to rate this book as 3 out of 5 stars because the second part became boring. Although it spreads the awareness of domestic violence and how to prevent it, I couldn’t sustain my interest and I allowed it to wane.

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