Lagoon is a 2D, top-view, role playing game (RPG) played on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). You, as the player, will take the role of Nasir, a warrior called as the Champion of Light. The game’s world is within Lakeland, a place where its riches come from the water around it. But the water starts to get muddy and Nasir has to find out what causes this.

This is the first time I’ll be playing this game. The game is already dated (circa 1990-1991) so I have to use an emulator.

I admit, I’m from Generation X whose gaming life is what you would say old-school. I’ve seen games evolved from the small hand-held Nintendo Game & Watch to today’s PlayStation 4. So I’ve played a few games from and in between.

The game’s music is typical of the 2D game era. Each area has its own tune or background music. So if you happen to enter the church or a cave, the music changes. The 2D graphics is reminiscent of the era, too.

The game starts in the town of Atland. Just like any other role playing games, you start talking to the townspeople to get information as you go along through Nasir’s journey. This information provides clues as to where you should go or what you should do.

You really have to navigate through the places because there’s no map provided. Be sure to remember where you’ve been because it could be very confusing at times, especially if you have to go back to that place again. For those navigationally challenged, better keep on saving the game once you’re in a new place (a good benefit of playing in an emulator).

The first task is to rescue Giles inside the Gold Cave. I’ve observed that whenever I start attacking the enemy, I get damaged easily basing it from the level indicator shown at the bottom of the screen. But I couldn’t get the enemy damaged that easily. How come?

I’m starting to believe that we’re not equal in terms of stats. But there’s no way for me to see the enemies’ stats except for its life level indicator at the bottom.

I’ve also observed that whenever I move away from the enemy and stop for a moment, my HP recovers. That’s good, it saves me from buying lots of healing potions or manna.

But fighting an enemy is not that easy for me. Although I’ve equipped Nasir with an armor and a sword, it seems that his attack is too short-ranged. But Nasir could jump high! And I find it cool because of his cape.

So I was able to rescue Giles and had to lead him back to Atland. But I’ve also observed that Giles moves too slow. So when playing, make sure you could see Giles within the screen. If not, go back and see if he’s stuck somewhere. This prolongs the playing time so might as well take this opportunity to do some grinding while waiting for Giles. This game will teach you patience, you know.

After returning to Atland, I have to go back to the Gold Cave to open a locked door and defeat the first boss named Samson. This is where saving the game proves to be important. Because if it’s not that easy to defeat the small enemies, then defeating the boss could be twice much more.

I’m determined to finish this game, and I’ll let you know more discoveries soon. But for now, I’ll rate this game as 3 out of 5 stars (satisfactory).

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