A few days ago, I got the chance to read an e-book entitled 11:11  by Doreen Serrano. This novel was published in 2008 by JimSam Inc. I got this e-book from Free-eBook.net’s Instant Library. This is the first book in the said collection and I decided to write a short review.

Whenever I read a book, in physical or electronic form, I always read from cover to cover. That means I also read the front and back matters of books. I noticed that the author’s dedication is too long. She thanked too many people which gives me the impression that this could be her debut novel.

The story centers on Heather Simmons, a single mother of two who works as a social worker. She suffered from depression and panic attacks after having a miscarriage ten years ago which requires her to visit a psychiatrist regularly until the present. What would you think of someone who visits a therapist regularly for ten years?

Heather still has repressed memories and as the story unfolds she has this conflict and confusion brought by her religious upbringing. And she, too, contradicts herself. She’s a social worker who appears in court cases to reunite families. But, she is having an illicit affair with a married man.

And I also noticed that the titles of all her chapters are song titles. I admit, I did that too when I wrote my first novel.

I already reached chapter 4 and I still don’t see a main conflict or what the stakes are. A stranger keeps on following her and her fears are getting on her to the point that she showed some kind of paranoia in front of her son.

On the other hand, she’s having a good friendly relationship with her two ex-husbands, the fathers of her two sons. Then suddenly, I’m reading about attending a dream seminar with her pregnant sister and discussions on reincarnation and religion sets in.

At this point, I stopped reading and started scanning the rest of the novel. I felt that the novel is dragging and there’s nothing for me to be excited about.

In the end (and my apologies for the spoiler), I gathered that Heather is a reincarnation of Eve while Billy, the man she has an affair with, is the reincarnation of Adam. And I said to myself, “What?!”

Okay, so Heather’s life is a journey and she learned her life lessons in all of the seven deadly sins. And since she’s the reincarnation of Eve, she has to save humanity by being reincarnated as her sister’s baby.

Heather’s spiritual awakening may give the readers a glimpse of how balance works in this world. The intriguing concept of religion and spirituality in a fiction can become cerebral to a reader who wants to read fiction to be entertained primarily. This is not the C/M/S/T genre I’m looking for, and I don’t know why it is included in this collection. In short, 2 out of 5 stars.

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