Hot Ones Philippines

Hot Ones Philippines

Hot Ones Philippines (iFlix, 2018)

Several weeks ago, I logged in on my iFlix account and saw Hot Ones Philippines as one of the newly-added viewing treats. 

Hot Ones is a popular online web series created by Christopher Schonberger, produced by First We Feast, hosted by Sean Evans, and now on its seventh season. This year, iFlix presents a Filipino version exclusive only on this Asian-based streaming media. 

Hot Ones Philippines is hosted by Sam YG. It has ten 23-minute one-on-one interviews with Filipino celebrities. But this is not just an ordinary interview; it comes with a twist.

During the interview, each celebrity has to eat six spicy chicken wings in increasing heat intensity. The spicy chicken serves as a truth serum and you’ll see the celebrities sweat or pause due to the spiciness. The spices, by the way, are brought by the Philippine Hot Sauce Club.  

At the start of the interview, Sam asks the celebrity guest how they are with spicy foods. Most of them are fine with it so they’re confident that they would survive the spicy challenge.  If in case, they couldn’t go on with the spiciness, they could tap out. Fortunately, none of the guests tapped out of their interview.

Aside from six bottled spices and the chicken wings on a platter, on the table are a pitcher of water, a glass of milk, and celebrities may request for chocolates, yogurt, or ice cream to lessen the heat on the tongue. There is even a pail (which is not shown but was mentioned) where they could throw up if needed.

True to its tagline, “The show with hot questions and even hotter wings,” the questions range from professional to personal. Some questions are even intimate or delicate that you seldom see or hear on a regular interview.

There is a small segment called Explain-a-Gram where guests need to explain pictures found on their Instagram account.

The sixth and last question is called The Last Dab. Sam will join the guest celebrity to eat but will add a small dab of the last hot sauce. The guest celebrity has the option not to add the small dab. 

To be honest, this is the first time I watched Hot Ones and I enjoyed it. But before I wrote this article, I watched one episode of the original version first to get a glimpse of it.

Unlike the Pinoy version, the original Hot Ones have ten chicken wings on their platter and the Scoville scale of each hot sauce is shown before each question. And according to their Wikipedia page, some celebrities failed in their spicy challenge.

I hope that Hot Ones Philippines will feature more celebrities in the future because I’m loving this web series. I’m going to rate this show 4 out of 5 stars just because I was not interested in the two celebrities they featured.

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