Bird Box

Bird Box

Bird Box (Netflix, 2018)

This holiday season is about to end and there are still many films to watch on Netflix. But this one has intrigued me for a few good reasons:

  1. It stars Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich plus other note-worthy actors.
  2. It has an intriguing premise and it is based on a 2014 novel of the same title.
  3. It has been watched by 45 million Netflix subscribers within a week upon its release.
  4. And those memes and #BirdBoxChallenge spreading around social media fueled my curiosity even more.

I’m not fond of horror movies but since I’m intrigued and curious about it, I’ll give this film a try by watching it all alone.

The film opens with Malorie (Sandra Bullock) instructing her kids not to remove their blindfolds or else they die. They have to get to a safe place but through a dangerous river. So they go to the river and reach their boat in blindfold with the help of the strings and by counting their steps.

Then it cuts into a flashback five years earlier. Malorie is an artist and pregnant at that time. Her sister Jessica visits and accompanies her to her OB-Gyne for an ultrasound. At that time, there is a news about massive suicides happening in Europe and Russia, which Malorie dismissed as irrelevant.

But when a lady in the hospital starts banging her head onto the glass breaking it and hurting herself, Malorie freaks out and tells Jessica to drive the car immediately. However, Jessica, too, sees something that makes her sad and stoic while driving. Malorie senses the danger they’re into and tries to prevent the car from crashing.

Panic and chaos ensues as everyone tries to save their lives. Malorie ends up inside a house with several survivors. While inside, they try to figure out what the phenomenon is and they all agree that there is something unseen that whoever sees it will die.

The film consists of several intercuts between the past, which explains what happened five years ago, and the present which shows Malorie’s and the kids’ journey. At this point, I have three questions running in my mind:

  1. What are the events that lead them to the beginning of the film?
  2. Will Malorie and the kids make it to safety at the end?
  3. Who or what is this “unseen”?

Within that 2 hours and 4 minutes long film, those three questions were somehow answered. However, I have some more questions:

  1. As for Malorie’s character, will she not be traumatized seeing her sister die that way? Is she really that dense? Or is she really that strong to shake everything off that comes her way?
  2. You can learn your way in and out of the house in blindfold with consistent practice. However, if you’re in a different or unfamiliar area, walking or running in blindfold in the woods would be too difficult, right?
  3. How come the birds in the bird box did not die despite a four-year old girl was thrown out of the water when they reached the rapids?

Anyway, I find this horror film not horrifying at all. Although it dragged somewhere in the middle, I’m still giving it 3 out of 5 stars.

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