The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles

Christmas is just around the corner and Netflix recently released another movie. It stars Kurt Russel as Santa Claus. 

What Is It All About?

The story starts with the Pierce family showing how they film Christmas every year from the beginning. It shows how their family grow with son Teddy and daughter Kate but the two siblings are not getting along. 

But this Christmas is different because it will be the first time they’ll celebrate Christmas without their father and their mother has to work night shift in a hospital on Christmas Eve. So Teddy and Kate are left at home.

Kate, being a believer in Santa Claus, convinces Teddy to catch Santa on film using her camera. So they make a Santa trap which reminds me of Home Alone.

After a few hours Kate and Teddy wake up upon hearing some noise. They search for the source and found Santa jumping from one roof to another while his sleigh with the reindeers are on top of the wires. Kate and Teddy manage to ride the sleigh and when Santa returns, they start a magical misadventure.

The sleigh crashes, the reindeers flee, Santa’s hat and the bag of presents are lost, and Santa has until sunrise to distribute the gifts. And he only has two siblings who are not getting along well. 

My Thoughts

Story-wise, I see this as Home Alone meets Santa Claus running in a race-against-time plot. The theme is typical of the Christmas season, although Kurt Russel’s character tries to get away with the stereotype. There’s a campy feel that would let you go along with the ride. And then at the end of the film, I started asking myself it all happened probably within twelve hours. 

So I’ll rate this 3 out of 5 stars. I’m satisfied and I liked it. And as all emotional stories go, I shed a tear while watching, too. You’ll be surprised to see who Mrs. Santa is.

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