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Flower of Evil

What would a homicide detective do if she suspects her husband as the wanted murderer? This is the premise of Flower of Evil, a 2020 South Korean drama series on Netflix.

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Spy x Family

How could a spy father, an assassin mother, and a telepath child be a “perfect” family if the father and mother do not know each other’s true identity?

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Tell Me Who I Am

Tell Me Who I Am is a documentary film shown on Netflix. This film was based on a 2013 book by twins Alex and Marcus Lewis and Joanna Hodgkin which explores who we are if we lose our memory.

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Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna (USA, 2022) is a Netflix mini-series created and produced by Shonda Rhimes and was inspired by Jessica Pressler’s article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” in 2018.

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Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up (USA, 2021) is a satire that provides a serious socio-political commentary of our current situation. It received mixed reviews by critics as not all satires are appreciated especially when the viewers are not familiar with the original source material.

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Once in every few years, there is a game that will go viral. One of them is Wordle, a daily word puzzle which reminded me of MasterMind, with the skills of Scrabble.

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Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

The first time I’ve heard of Ate Rica’s Bacsilog was three years ago over Karen Davila’s TV show, “May Puhunan”. Since then, I became curious about what it tastes like. Come on, who doesn’t love bacon?

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